Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Morning Walk

We went for a walk this morning to Starbucks, where we bumped into Manasa. Leon...I also saw April (from 2nd/Division), who is working at 13th/Grand now. I was surprised to see her and asked her if she was back, and she said she has been back for about 3 months, but that's all she said. After Starbucks, we went to play at Manito, visited the ducks at the pond, and then did our usual loops around Cannon Hill. Perfect weather for a walk....sunny, but not too warm, a breeze.... Things were going great until the front wheel of the stroller popped off while we were looping the pond. I had images of me pushing the stroller the rest of the way home with just the two back wheels, but I was able to get it back on. I'm going to miss walking around here; theres so many great ponds and parks.

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